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Data Visualisation

Submitted by Alexis_Harper on Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:45

In addition to presenting standard views on this website, the Finance Knowledge Graph is able to support the creation of bespoke reports and visualisations by data analysts. The Finance Knowledge Graph contains significant information resources beyond what is currently displayed on the site and data analysts are able to use the data endpoint to run queries and select specific sets of data to support the creation of specific projects, reports, and charts. The Finance Knowledge Graph can provide data in a variety of formats that can be used by contemporary visualisation and report-generating tools.

On this page is an example of some of the more complex charts able to be created by a data analyst using their preferred visualisation toolset.

Example: cooperative relationships through linked programs

This example shows how entities are cooperating through the contributions of entities programs towards the outcomes of other entities – demonstrating one way in which the Australian Public Sector is joined up and working together to achieve its goals.

What you are seeing are Budgetary outcomes and their owners (blue - and sized according to the number of programs that contribute towards them), and Commonwealth Entities that contribute to those outcomes (black - sized according to the number of programs they contribute to the outcome in question). Hover over the images to see how they contribute. You may also click and drag on the image to rearrange it and use the mouse-wheel to zoom.

Note: that these are drawn from the 2021-22 Portfolio Budget Statements, and reflect entities and relationships that existed as at that publication.

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