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The Department of Finance (Finance) holds vast amounts of information on government entities. To better organise this information so that meaningful and accurate data about government can be quickly found, Finance has commenced development of the Finance Knowledge Graph.   

The site is currently in a limited release version and users are invited to provide feedback about all experiences, positive and negative. In particular, requests for additional information or new kinds of views are sought from the community to influence the development of the services offered. 

As work on the Finance Knowledge Graph continues, an increasingly sophisticated picture of the structure of the Australian Government will take shape. This ‘Structure of government’ will be a source of information about the changing patterns of purposes, activities, authorities, and more that is built from the knowledge created and collected by Finance as part of its stewardship activities. 

For an example of some of the custom charts able to be created by data analysts using the Finance KG please see the data visualisation page

For more information about the currently available views please see About the Views

For more information about the project please contact us through our Feedback Form to the right of the screen. 

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