Please note: This site is a work in progress. Our team is working to continuously improve on all aspects of this service and appreciates any feedback provided. The site has now been updated with information sourced from the 2022-23 Budget documents that were released on 25 October 2022.

About the views

The Finance Knowledge Graph currently offers the following two views. 

Summary View 

This shows Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA) entities and companies – the primary bodies of the Australian Government – arranged by portfolio and parliamentary categories.  

It is another representation of information found on the PGPA Act Flipchart and the List of Commonwealth entities and companies. However, it allows you to select a key characteristic to display only those bodies with that characteristic. For example, selecting the Inter-jurisdictional entities key will filter results to show only the bodies with this characteristic. 

By clicking on an entity, you can review characteristics in more detail. This information is a start and will be expanded upon based on user requirements and on received feedback. There is also some information available by clicking on Portfolio or Legislation.

This Summary View is intended to meet the needs of users who need to browse the structure or characteristics of the bodies, or who need to answer a question about a particular characteristic quickly.

Other Views? 

Authorised users have access to additional, more experimental, views of information held in the Finance Knowledge Graph that make greater use of the features of graph storage. These will be developed and released in the future.  

If you seek more information or wish to make suggestions about these views – particularly other characteristics you’d like to see and whether there are other Australian Government organisations that should appear - please make contact through our Feedback Form to the right of the current screen