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Seafarer and ship safety, maritime environment protection, and search and rescue


Seafarer and ship safety, environment protection and search and rescueSub-program 1.1.1 - Seafarer and ship safety and environment protection aims to minimise the risk of shipping incidents and pollution in Australian waters through ship safety and environment protection regulation and servicesSub-program 1.1.2 - Search and rescue aims to maximise the number of people saved from maritime and aviation incidents through coordinating search and rescueAs Australia's national maritime regulatory body, AMSA promotes the safety and protection of our marine environment and combats ship-sourced pollution. AMSA provides the infrastructure for safety of navigation in Australian waters and maintains a national search and rescue service for the maritime and aviation sectorsVision: Safe and clean seas, saving livesMission: Ensuring safe vessel operations, combatting marine pollution, and rescuing people in distress