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Australian Bureau of Statistics

Lead Body
Employment Arrangements

Annual report prepared under section 46 of the PGPA Act.
Additional annual report requirement
See “Other references to 'annual report' under enabling legislation”
Other requirements and references to ‘annual report’ under the enabling legislation

Section 35 of the PGPA Act applies
Section 35(3) of the PGPA Act applies

Outcome #1: Decisions on important matters made by Governments, business and the broader community are informed by objective, relevant and trusted official statistics produced through the collection and integration of data, its analysis, and the provision of statistical information.
# Program Body Contribution
1.1 Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Bureau of Statistics

This program contributes to the outcome through delivery of high-quality statistical information to inform Australia's most important issues and through engaging with users within government, business, and the community to ensure they have the confidence in the statistical resources available to enable them to make informed decisions

# Program Body Contribution
1.3 Australian Business Registry Services Australian Taxation Office

Australian Business Register provides essential infrastructure to the operation of ABS business surveys.