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Australian Institute of Sport
Australian Sports Commission
Australian Sports Commission (Australian Institute of Sport)

Outcome #1: Increased participation in organised sport and continued international sporting success including through leadership and development of a cohesive and effective sports sector, provision of targeted financial support, and the operation of the Australian Institute of Sport.
# Program Body Contribution
3.1 Sport and Recreation Department of Health and Aged Care

The Department of Health and Aged Care aims to increase participation in sport and recreation activities, support major international sporting events and improve water and snow safety.

1.1 Prime Minister and Cabinet Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

PM&C contributes to improving the diversity of sporting organisations by working to increase female representation in sport leadership roles

1.1 Sport Integrity Sport Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia plays a central role in protecting the integrity of sport through targeting match-fixing, doping in sport and other forms of corruption. The ASC works collaboratively with Sport Integrity Australia to protect Australian sport from integrity threats, including the protection of children and other vulnerable sport participants