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Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Annual report prepared under section 46 of the PGPA Act.
Additional annual report requirement

Section 35 of the PGPA Act applies
Section 35(3) of the PGPA Act applies
Enabling legislation references to 'corporate plan'

Outcome #1: Enhanced appreciation and understanding of the natural and cultural values of Sydney for all visitors, through the remediation, conservation and adaptive re-use of, and access to, Trust lands on Sydney Harbour.
# Program Body Contribution
1.1 Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Objective To manage emblematic lands around Sydney Harbour, preserve their natural and cultural heritage and foster and promote them as place of leisure, enjoyment and interest for all Australians

# Program Body Contribution
1.4 Conservation of Australia's Heritage and Environment Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

The department and the Trust collaborate through engagement on policy direction and site management to conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of Trust land and maximise public access and enjoyment of its sites.